Tuesday, April 17, 2012

we got so excited we decided to do another post tonite

Fabulous distressed metal chair and large cement  birdbath

Vintage School California map and globes (Patty's booth)

The coolest masonite "used books" sign ever!

Very cool industrial cabinet with great pull out drawers (perfect for art papers, placemats etc.)

Really colorful and fun garden booth, with vintage railroad cart, old wheelbarrow, and cement critters!

18 numbered basket industrial cabinet

Vintage Bowling set on a wonderful small gate leg table

Vintage metal "farm" artwork

Vintage leather  animals, how cute are these?

Neat old rustic cabinet!

Grimaldi coat of Arms, (remember Princess Grace? That was her last name.)

Vintage US Military  handbags

Beautiful shell display, a must see in person!

Shabby with  chic chair and  trays!

Wow, look at this! Industrial metal cabinet

Vintage ornate iron half circle table with original marble top

Local artist's oil on canvas painting


  1. Maria, you have some of the best dealers and merchandise!! Just a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by and bought some wonderful old camera film holders in Terry's booth. The wood was beautifully patinaed and the glass was not cloudy...prices were reasonable and my daughter, Michelle, just had to have them when she came to visit from Chicago...(I knew she would want them)!! Thank you again!
    Sheryl Butler